BzComposer Order Management

BzComposer Order Management

DesignMaxxhas been providing accounting and business solutions worldwide since 1996. Located in Fullerton, California, DesignMaxxoffers cost effective solutions for small to medium sized companies and individuals. It provides the best solutions to meet our customer needs. We have developed invoicing, billing, payroll, and accounting system programs, in addition to internet service. They handle order entries, inventory, estimation, purchasing, banking and accounting, while being easy-to-use and user friendly. Also we have done in developing eBusiness solution for eBay, Amazon, Paypal, and Yahoo with payment and shipping automation.

We provide complete accounting, ecommerce, and business management solutions. We have developed invoicing, billing, inventory control, payroll, and accounting systems software for small and medium-sized businesses. They were developed to handle customer’s order entries, estimation, inventory, purchasing, banking, and accounting. Along with being easy-to-use and user friendly, our accounting systems support a mutli-user environment. Virtually, our accounting system allows unlimited customer and order traking.

And we have done in developing eBusiness solution for eBay, Amazon, Paypal, and Yahoo with payment and shipping automation. Also we provide e-Commerce solution with a Shopping Mall Creator software. It canaccomodate with our accounting software. People can create their e-commerce website with virtually unlimited templates in ten minutes without any consultation or programming knowledges.

Currently we are updating payroll program, covering all states in USA. And we are migrating our BZComposer accounting system to web version. Also we are developing complete website design package. They are expected to produce by August, 2007.

BZ Composer is a full-featured accounting program for small-to-medium businesses. This easy-to-use accounting program will help you manage your business more easily and productively. It’s the only fully-featured accounting program to support eCommerce and eSales order processing. It features: fully-functional invoicing, billing, inventory, customer database programs, estimations, purchase orders, standard invoices, purchasing, account receivable/payable, payment history, accurate inventory tracking, customer mailing labels and so much more! BzComposer fulfills all of your business needs. The order management system can play an important role in managing any business when integrated with additional technologies. As a retailer receives new inventory, he enters the product and supplier data into the BZComposer order management system. The order management system ties each item and each supplier to the available shipping, payment gateway, and e-Commerce options. You can find its details from