Your Steps

First Step: Select template

Please choose any one for your design. We’ve developed fully functional 8 templates for restaurant sites. You don’t need to worry about its details. You can change any contents or images from the provided admin page later.

Second Step: Signup and choose your plan

Signup and choose your template and plan for your restaurant site.

Third Step: Admin page

Your selected template could not be your website without modifications. Your admin page has lot of features for your needs including address, password change, food menus, food images, food prices, reservation, store information, social media connections, contact us info, blog, search engine keyword, domain info, et al.

Final Step: Running your site

Through advertising, your web site will attract more visitors and more potential customers. We can help you get a fast start on the Internet by submitting your site to Google, Bing, Yelp, and Yellow Pages.