Optional eCommerce Solutions

Optional Service Plan

We’re providing service plans depending on the customer’s needs. The service plan has a monthly service fee with 4 different steps depending on the traffic and its requirements. They are Basic, Silver, Gold, and Enterprise, depending on the number of products listings, disk space, and web traffic. The service plan covers hosting, backup, future update, and any other customer services. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Optional Dealer Site Option

We’re providing dealer website in addition to the retail website, sharing the same inventory databases. The dealers are approved with a separate application form from retail or dealer sites. Once approved, the dealers can be accessed the dealer site with special discount prices. Also they can get a special privileges with emails, news,..

Optional Wholesaler with a Drop-shipping

Drop shipping is a technique in which the retailer does not store stock, instead transfers customer’s orders and shipment details to the wholesaler who then ships goods to the customer. This can ease the burden on the retailer’s pocket. It supports both wholesaler and retailers, offering separate or combined sites. Drop-shippers send order confirmations and shipment status reports via e-mail or text file transfers into the order management system. The Administrator allows to select the site type from the available three site types which are: dealer, customer or both.

Optional e-Commerce with Amazon and eBay integration

We provide sites such as eBay, Amazon, Half.com Submissions to sell your products. Merchants can post products of various categories from their online stores directly onto Amazon and eBay. The Inventory Manager allows you to add items on the eBay store.

Optional Quickbooks Integration

We provide the solution for the Quickbooks users. It allows you to export your products, customers and orders from your eCommerce website to Quickbooks – well known, powerful accounting software. It help you synchronize product and customer information between your online store and your accounting package, thus ensuring that order data are correctly assigned to the proper accounts.

Optional Order Management System

DesignMaxxoffers cost effective solutions for small to medium sized companies and individuals. It provides the best solutions to meet our customer needs. We have developed invoicing, billing, payroll, and accounting system programs, in addition to internet service. They handle order entries, inventory, estimation, purchasing, banking and accounting, while being easy-to-use and user friendly. Currently, we have done in developing eBusiness solution for eBay, Amazon, Paypal, and Yahoo with payment and shipping automation.