10 Reasons to use WordPress

WordPress is fast becoming the most used website building platform used for all websites being built today.WordPress is much more than a blog, it is in fact, an entire content management system.There are so many reasons this is true but let’s look at ten of them.

1. Easy to Use

WordPress’s popularity has been driven in part by its simplicity. You don’t really need to download a manual and read through an entire book just to learn how to operate WordPress. It is easy for the lazy person to learn and use to build very good websites within hours. One can find a template or “theme” in WordPress parlance, and then simply edit that theme to fit your needs without ever knowing any HTML or CSS.You can easily update content on any page of your site very simply without knowing any code at all.

2. Friendly user interface

It possesses a simple yet classy user interface that’s sleek and very easy to comprehend. The overall look of the interface is soothing and relaxing and has none of those loud, bright colors that strain the eyes and give you headaches. It has a Dashboard which is managing everything related to your website including contents, appearance, plugins, discussions,widgets, …on the one page.

3. Search engine optimized(SEO)

WordPress is designed to make it easier for search engine robots to crawl over your website and rank it on the major search engines. It provides by a clean code base, content that is easily updated through the WordPress interface, and a solid navigation structure. It helps boost website rankings on search engines. It features custom posts and page titles, text, category names, images and alt tags,…

4. Open Source software – Free!

Due to the fact that WordPress is an Open Source software there is a very active and helpful community. This means there are also a lot of people that can be hired to help you with your WordPress website.

5. Resources

WordPress was designed to be extended. WordPress has little add-on’s called extensions. These are also known as plugins. Plugins can be easily installed within just a few clicks on your WordPress website. These plugins and themes can bring an immense amount of traffic to your website due to their functionality–all without needing to transform into an html coding nerd. Ultimately, you save time and money by just availing of these ready plugins and themes on WordPress.

6. Themes

Themes make easy your WordPress design. One can find a template or “theme” in WordPress parlance, and then simply edit that theme to fit your needs without ever knowing any HTML or CSS. Once you learn how to customize a theme anything is possible.This is the entire look and feel of your web site, including fonts, colors, graphics, and content layout. Thousands of free themes are available in the website at WordPress.org.

7. Social Network

It Integrates with social media sites.Connecting WordPress to other social media is one of the hottest areas of plugin development. It aims to make life easier for website owner who want the same information they just posted to their site to appear on their social networking accounts. Plugins such as Twitter and Wordbook integrate your posts with your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Also you can post YouTube Videos.

8. Blogging Platform

WordPress is an excellent blogging platform that will deliver excellent results for you with just little time and effort. It is known to be that WordPress is the best blogging platform that’s the choice of the majority.

9. Database Driven

It is built on the MySQL open source database for personal content and PHP as the development platform. It provides everything you need to create your own web site and publish your own content dynamically without knowing how to code those pages. All your contents like options, posts, comments,.. are stored in the database.

10. Media Library

WordPress has media library which refers to the image, video, audio, flash, and files uploaded to your web site using WordPress. It allows you to manage all media on your web site, whether uploaded directly in the Media library or uploaded directly to a post or page.