12 Reasons Why Magento is the best eCommerce Platform

1. Most popular free CMS in eCommerce

It’s the most popular free content management system(CMS) for eCommerce. Users using other CMS often switch to Magento

2. Lots of free instructions and YouTube available on the Internet

Once you have a Magento eCommerce store, the learning process will be easy. There are many available resources with numerous Magento related articles that will help you broaden your eCommerce skills.

3. Flexible Design

Magento allows you to utilize any design templates.Users can upgrade their website design without losing time and labor.

4. Search Engine Optimization

It has built-in SEO functionality with Mata Tags, Meta Keywords, Mata Descriptions, URLs and html support. Also, each product is supported with SEO functionality.

5. Easy Administration

Once a store is built, users can begin managing their entire store in the admin page. Administrators are able to edit product description and prices, track orders, and process different types of payments.

6. Customer Management

The Customer Manager allows you to track and manage your customers including visitor statistics and all customer-related transactions and histories. It allows importing and exporting customer lists in.csv, .xls and .txt file formats.

7. Inventory Management

The Inventory Manager allows you to update products information such as Name, Description, Price, Image, keywords, tax, special price, color, size, and more. The inventory features provide advanced search options to search items from your inventory.

8. Shopping Cart and Order Management

Magento’s order processing follows a logical order steps. You can edit, cancel, or place the order on hold. The order history can be viewed by daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly transactions. You can print invoices of industry standard size.

9. Payment Integration

One of the most powerful features of Magento is the the integrated payment with built-in functionality for all major merchant accounts like Paypal, Authorized.net, and more.

10. Shipping Integration

Having real time shipping information easily accessible gives you more control over your eCommerce operations. It supports USPS, UPS, FedEx, and more.

11. Mail Manager

The store owner can send personal emails, group emails, and newsletters to selected customers using mail templates.

12. Security

Security can be maintained through secure web pages and password protection. It supports the https protocol with purchased SSL.